Consensual Enslavement

Kneeling In Spirit:

Disabled Submissives


By Ravin Kaldera


This is the companion book to “Hell on Wheels” which is about disabled dominants. The structure is the same. Most of the book is written by various disable submissives and slaves and how they serve their Masters and Mistresses both despite and by utilizing their various disabilities. The last part is written by a few owners of disabled slaves.


You do not have to be disabled or own a disabled submissive or slave to find good value in this book. It is full of ways people have worked out problems in their relationships and worked with what they are and want to achieve that for everyone. Especially as we age, books like this will help us keep doing what it is that we do.


The biggest problem is that there are no other books like this. Once again Raven has gone where others refuse to acknowledge a need to go and produced a book of use to everyone. Unlike the erotica and porn on the internet, many people who do this have physical and medical problems. They are not the perfect creatures of fiction. We need more books like this which take on the reality of what is and not only face it but work with it and produce something for everyone. I would welcome a second volume of both books. They should be in everyone’s library who does more than just think about having a Dominant/submissive, Master/slave relationship no matter which side they are on.

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